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Are You 50+ and Flaunting It?

Rarely do I post content about Boomers. Well, today, is your moment to shine! I'd like to know what you're doing to live a healthy lifestyle---I want your feedback, tips, and tools that keep you fit, free, youthful, and healthy!

Since 2020, I've been around boomers, millennials, the Gen X and Gen Z crowds a lot.

The chatter I hear and what I see is just as amazing as interesting.

Boomers don't appear as "old" people used to look back in the day-----canes, wheelchairs, women in dusters, toothless, wrinkled, overweight, sedentary, hunched over, slow-moving, with a fatigued demeanor, and men tagging along behind their wives; that's what I remember.

Many of them were not even quite 60 years of age---I know this because I would be around my mom's classmates when they had their high school reunions, which is a very small sample, but, this was my observation in "my world" at that time, and not a comprehensive assessment.

But, today, when I see boomers, they are lively, active, hopeful, health-conscious, on-the-go, with longevity in mind.

So, what is your take on a healthy lifestyle? How do you highlight the fact that you're 50+ while living life to the fullest?

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