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Are You Emotionally Ready to Weigh Yourself Daily?

Personally, I don't weigh myself daily for several reasons.

Although I exercise daily--let me be more specific and transparent--I exercise Monday thru Friday for 30 minutes each day, between five and six in the morning on an empty stomach, with a sip of hydration prior to my workout.

When I get on the scale, I weigh in my birthday suit as soon as I get out of bed, after emptying all bodily fluids (I know, TMI).

However, I refuse to weigh every day, since weight can fluctuate from day-to-day, depending on how much I put my body into motion, how much I ate, and what I ate the day before.

If I get on the scale and my weight has increased even .01%, I'm disappointed. But, since I know that a healthy weight-loss schedule is between one to two pounds per week, I take advantage of that time.

I have discovered that giving myself the grace period of weighing on a weekly basis allows me ample time to loose that pound or two. It also helps me to have a clearer gauge of where I am weight-wise from week-to-week.

By not weighing daily, I don't have the mental pressure and anticipation of disappointment. However, that does not give me permission to eat what I want, or slack on my exercise regimen--weighing weekly just gives me a steady weight-loss gauge, as opposed to the daily up-and-down rollercoaster of an ounce-or-two, here-and-there.

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