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Are You Trying to Get Fit After 50?

Getting fit and staying fit after 50 can be challenging, but not impossible. There are ways to get fit and maintain health and fitness throughout your lifetime.

I’ve always maintained some type of fitness regimen since I was in my 30s, so getting fit has never been an issue. The challenge came when I tried to do the same exercises in my 50s, as I did in my 30s. Well, my body let me know it wasn’t having it–I injured myself on three occasions.

Once I realized I had to alter my exercise routine, the injuries subsided. I hadn’t considered the fact that I was post-menopausal, which brings about its own set of issues. Bone density decreased, strength and endurance diminished, my body shape changed, I gained a few pounds, my body began to overheat, my bones began to ache, and osteoarthritis set-in.

After my three injuries, while attempting to stay fit, I went on a fitness hiatus to heal. It also gave me time to figure out how to reconfigure an exercise program that would be compatible with my age, body, and my current fitness level. It became a lengthy trial-and-error rollercoaster.

Not having enough space to exercise was my initial challenge, so I danced for 30 minutes to music. Eventually, I plateaued. Then, I began to run in place to increase my heart rate, and I walked outside. But nothing seemed to work.

After doing my “umpteenth” search on YouTube, I finally hit paydirt. I searched for the key phrase, “Fit over 50.” Leslie Sansone is my fave. She has several exercise cardio/walking routines that personally work for me. Depending on how I feel, I might try a different one each day. Denise Austin is my backup. Her fitness routines provide more strength training.

I will select any one of the 30-minute videos and I get to work(out).

After my exercise hiatus, I had to work up to the 30-minute endurance level again. I’ve been going strong and consistent daily, Monday thru Friday, without any mishaps or injuries since 2019.

Although slow-and-steady, I’ve lost 25 pounds, so far, with healthy eating to complement my exercise regimen—not to forget that drinking water is key. I drink 90 ounces of it daily.

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