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Brain Hunger? Is It A Thing?

"Brain Hunger?," an article I had written on Medium about how we can actually starve our brains of proper nourishment, which a couple of neuroscientists have found a correlation between brain malnourishment and violent tendencies and behaviors.

This is an excerpt of the piece, and the book reference of the neuroscientists who did the study.

"According to a collaborative research study by Drs. Héctor B. Crespo-Bujosa and Michael JG, they discuss the nutritional aspects of mental health…briefly demonstrating important scientific evidence of the damaging effects of nutritional malnourishment as an essential factor in the origin of mental or behavioral disorders (paraphrased)."

Click on this link: "Brain Hunger?" to capture and read the article in its entirety.

With the "microwave generation" of consumers today, it's no wonder that brain hunger is a thing.

However, millennials, generations x and z cannot totally shoulder the blame--this is the way many of them were raised. All they knew was to "microwave it."

Working parents were not at home to prepare healthy, well-rounded meals, food manufacturers prepared microwavable foods, and stores sold them--the perfect storm for brain starvation.

Even now, into adulthood, some turn-of-the-century "victims" are still microwaving it, which is concerning.

Within those microwavable dishes, the nutrients are stripped from some of the natural ingredients used to prepare them. Preservatives and other toxic chemicals used to preserve the "food" and to give it a longer shelf life are injected, not only into microwavable meals, but many prepared, pre-packaged foods.

The good news is that over time, the trend can be reversed by nourishing the brain with brain healthy foods.

In my next post, I will share a list of brain-healthy foods with you...see you then.

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