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Cannabis is Sendin' Stumblin', Staggerin', Pot Smokin' Seniors (65+) to the ER

Many Boomers in record numbers are showing-up in the ER after smoking weed. But why?

According to the "lead author, Dr. Benjamin Han who told the San Francisco Chronicle that most of the seniors likely sought help for marijuana-induced falls, paranoia and cardiovascular concerns."

Since the uptick in ER visits across the country by boomers due to using cannabis, many of them are under the impression that weed today is the same as the pot in years past. However, that is not the case---pot today is more potent.

In addition to increased potency of the drug, as seniors age, their bodies are less tolerant of the substance, and they are more sensitive to it.

What ER doctors have seen as a result in seniors who arrive for treatment are after consuming cannabis: psychiatric, anxiety, agitation, chest pain, palpitations, nausea, or vomiting."

Since there are higher levels of THC in cannabis, users are unaware there is a greater risk of more extreme side effects.

In California alone, since 2005, there has been an1,800% increase in ER visits as a result of cannabis use.

Hopefully in the future, the number of ER visits by seniors due to cannabis use will decrease as they become aware of unnecessary risks at which they place themselves when they use; and further decrease as the advancement of scientific studies on this medical issue are brought to the forefront.

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