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Check With The Doc First...

Otherwise, it may be hazardous to your health...let's find out why

There's all kinds of advice given on the internet on every topic imaginable. Some folks who offer advice are trained certified professionals, while many are not. In any case, whatever you "Google," it's great to gather information. However, when it comes to health, always check with your doctor instead of self-diagnosing and/or self-medicating.

There are several reasons why it's important and imperative to check with your doctor for diagnosis and treatment, over taking ailments into your own hands.

  • Lay persons are without diagnostic equipment and tools to analyze symptoms

  • Lay persons are not trained to recognize and treat ailments

  • Self-medicating is dangerous, toxic, and could be fatal

  • Self-diagnosis could be a mis- or missed-diagnosis

  • Lay persons are unaware of what to look for and Google is NOT the answer

Doctors have gone to school and trained for years to diagnose, treat, and help heal the human body. Lay persons are clueless of the depth of knowledge with, which doctors are equipped, and are incapable of self-treatment.

Now, a headache, common cold, or cough...yes there are over-the-counter medicines for these health issues. But, doctors do recommend that anything beyond these common aliments, or if these common aliments persist for any extended period, or become more severe, please seek medical attention. Otherwise, you might jeopardize your health.


I am not a doctor, nor am I trained in any part of the medical field. The information regarding the common cold, coughs, and headaches is general, common knowledge.

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