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Get That Gel Off My Nails!

Although the world has begun to stir again, since I wrote this article. However, some consumers are still reluctant to return to nail salons, and rightly so, since the resurgence of Covid and its variants, a robust flu season, and RSV.

As a result, many have taken matters into their own hands, and adopted the DIY method of taking care of their nails.

Since the national shutdown and social distancing have taken precedence due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every aspect of our lives has been affected. Our routine nail salon visits, which we have taken for granted is temporarily unavailable.

This morning as I awakened, I saw another article (one of many I’ve seen daily over the past three weeks) posted to my online news feed. Someone was having a tough time trying to remove gel polish from their nails. I decided that I would chime-in to offer resources to streamline the process and decrease the risk of nail damage.

Although not a new concept, according to Sree Roy who published: "The Science of Gels: How Gel Nail Products Work," gel nails were introduced into the U.S. (close to 40 years ago). During this period in the early 1980s, gel nails did not gain traction, as nail techs were trying to perfect the craft.

During the late ‘90s, there was a resurgence of gel nails in the U.S. Popularity of gel manicure services were on the rise. At the beginning of the 21st century millennium (around the early 2000s), gel nails became a hit! As varieties of gel formulas have been improved and introduced, gels and their hybrids continue to be an option for nail clients.

With the coronavirus facing us today and nail salons closed, nail clients who had a full-set of freshly manicured gels two to three weeks ago are past due for another round. To make matters worse, nail clients are having a difficult time removing the gel remnants of the previous application from their nails. Gel removal is generally done in the salon by a nail tech. But now, taking measures into their own hands seems to be the only option.

The first thing I want to warn NOT to do, is lift and pull the gel product from the dry nail bed. This will weaken nails, create ridges and cause them to become brittle. This can also cause possible permanent nail damage.

The only option is to perform do-it-yourself (DIY) gel removal. Supplies can be purchased from Walmart. A one-stop shop to pick-up supplies.

Supplies you will need:

· Orangewood Sticks

· Aluminum Foil Gel/Nail Polish Remover Wraps

· Acetone Nail Polish Remover

· Cuticle Oil

Disclaimer: This is only a general supply list. I am not recommending any product brand over another. Due to the acetone chemical used to remove the gel product, I will not provide the step-by-step removal process. Follow the package instructions on the aluminum foil nail soak gel remover wraps.

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