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How to Set-Up a Plan for Weight Loss

If you tackle losing weight with without a plan and a willy-nilly mindset, you're in for a willy-nilly, yo-yo, roller-coaster ride to failure - How to create a strategic plan to set yourself up for weight-loss success

As the old cliche goes, "Failing to plan, is planning to fail," as quoted by Ben Franklin. Well, the same holds true for tackling weight loss.

You must plan ahead, be intentional, and be motivated.

A brief backstory...

Once I had a buddy who told me, "you're silly; I would have done...about..." She was always quick to react, jumped to conclusions, ready to place blame, and always had suspicions without finding out the facts and root cause of a situation. Yes, I blocked her out of my life after I found out the true meaning of her existence. We were total opposites.

Before I attempt to do anything...

I always think through what I would like to do, how I'm going to do it, the long-term and short-term outcomes, and the benefit and/or value--I make a plan.

To be realistic, some things I'd like to do are not viable or feasible at that particular moment or at all. So, I'll scrap the idea, or place it on hold, or revamp it, but first and foremost, I must pray about it.

The bottom line is, I'm a planner; I always have been---planning is in my DNA. I've never been one to be impulsive or influenced.

The same goes for my weight-loss plan, which I have been on consistently since 2019. However, the results have been slow, but steady. I remain motivated because I see results. My waistline has gotten smaller. My weight has decreased by 20 pounds, and I'm still losing. This is not a lot of weight for the length of time I've been exercising, but my weight is going in the right direction. I'm also following healthy measures to promote weight-loss.

What I've done to get there

I began with 10-minute daily workouts since I was out of shape. Then I increased to 20-minute exercises as my endurance increased. Now, I workout for 30 minutes, Monday thru Friday---a total of 150 minutes per week.

Since my endurance has increased, and I'm no longer out of breath, I can and do go straight through the entire 30-minute workout non-stop.

The bottom line is that I've set a goal. I've made a plan, which I've continued to do in small increments. Then, I've continued to build-on and tweak my weight-loss plan as needed.

A tip for you and positive self-talk for me: Keep slow and steady and we'll get there.

So, how can you start?

For starters, there's two things I highly recommend to have as your foundation:

  1. Being conscious of what and how much you're eating (healthy food selections and smaller portions)

  2. Intentionally putting your body in motion (exercise)


  1. Plan weekly menus.

  2. Shop for the upcoming week with a list and stick to what's on the list.

  3. Before grocery shopping, please feed yourself---never go on an empty stomach, it's likely that you'll buy more and impulse-buy.

  4. Prepare meals for the next 7 days.

  5. Prepare your meals in the kitchen, and serve yourself on a small plate.

  6. Sit down at the dinner table to eat your meals.

  7. Drink a glass of water before eating.

  8. Drink water throughout the day---take your thermos or your favorite water vessel with you, even around the house.

  9. When eating out, make healthy choices and please avoid the buffets.

  10. Eat before going to social events.

  11. Take a lunch with healthy selections to work or during travels.

  12. Keep moving--exercise.

  13. Any physical activity you do, make sure you enjoy it, make it fun--dancing works.

  14. Seek accountability through exercise groups, or walk with someone.

  15. Join community activities.

  16. Be strategic throughout the day about activities that can contribute to weight-loss: parking and walking a longer distance to your destination, cleaning house, ditch the elevator and escalator and take the stairs.

  17. When shopping at the mall, park on the opposite end from where you will shop, and take that stroll through the mall and back to your car.

  18. When mall shopping, forget about the snacks and fast food inside the mall. If you must eat out during your mall outing, consider a Greek or side salad at a nearby fast food drive-thru.

Get motivated. Be intentional. Set your goal. Make your plan. Be consistent. Be accountable.

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