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I'm Stuck! My Metabolism Won't Move!

I've been exercising consistently since 2019, and eating plant-based foods and clean eating 99% of the I'm stuck! I've either plateaued or my metabolism is in "stuck mode." Dr. Ian Smith, M.D. has a resolution to getting the metabolism to move again. Take the journey with me to find out how the doc jump-starts my body to burn calories again.

I've been very loyal to exercising and clean eating since 2019. These two things are the least I can do for myself and my body---I want to live as long as my natural life will allow.

This morning, I was watching GMA and Dr. Ian Smith was on, and I took notice. What he had to sell played right into my pain points in regard to my metabolism.

Dr. Smith talked about "ways to improve your metabolism." But first, he addresses one of the challenges with the metabolism.

One important question he answers is, "why people are not losing weight when they're doing all the right things." He says those individuals "do not have metabolic flexibility," in essence, their metabolism is "stuck."

The doc says, "the body likes to burn carbs and fat. Sometimes the body will burn carbs well, and sometimes the body burns fat well. We want the body to burn both well. We've got to get that metabolism unstuck."
"Exercise, dieting, good sleep, intermittent fasting, and according to research, cycling in and out of keto can help," as well.

The doc has a six-week program that can get the metabolism unstuck. He has a new workbook that will help track progress and help participants stay true to the program. The book is called the "Met Flex Diet."

The six-week program will begin, April 10th. The book can be purchased on Amazon. Dr. Ian Smith also suggests to join the Met Flex Diet Facebook community to follow-along.

I've purchased the book and joined the Facebook group, which I hope will increase my chances for success. How about you? Are you on board?

Even if you're not, I will give updates on my progress...I'm so excited!

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT being compensated by any company, individual, entity, nor Amazon, Dr. Ian Smith, M.D. for the promotion of ANY products, websites, networks, individuals, or companies mentioned in this article.

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