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Ice Cream and the Coronavirus

It's about changing your mindset and adding a bit of determination

Since we’ve been on the coronavirus lockdown, my mind has been wandering towards other subjects, like food. Particularly, ice cream.

Ice cream has always been one of my weaknesses. But, I've managed to overcome consuming too much at once and so often.

One time, when I went to the doctor for my annual check-up, I had gained weight and my cholesterol number had climbed. The doctor asked if my eating habits had changed. I told him “yes.” He asked, “what are you doing different?” I told him I had been eating lots of ice cream and my exercise regimen was sporadic. He advised me on what to do to decrease my weight and my cholesterol level and I complied. My weight dropped. My cholesterol decreased and stabilized.

Now, when I grocery shop. I always bypass the ice cream section. It's always a fleeting thought, which I've always had the ability to overcome.

However, last Monday when I shopped, my cart just veered down the ice cream aisle (seriously, I had no control). I picked-up a 48-ounce tub of Meijer Homemade Sea Salt Carmel ice cream. It wasn’t planned; I promise.

Ice cream wasn't on my mind prior to entering the grocery store. I just wanted a special treat while being inside 24/7. Being in the vicinity of the frozen section, ice cream was readily accessible; and I just couldn't resist.

Once I arrived home and put my groceries away, I went for my first dip of ice cream.

To be honest, it was not just a “dip,” it was one-fourth of the tub! A whole 12 ounces! That just really turned-up my desire for more.

Before the day ended, I went back for another 12 ounces! That was half of the tub of ice cream in a matter of hours!

I began to feel remorseful. I thought about the weight I would gain. I thought about how my cholesterol level would increase. I thought about the toxic sugar that I was consuming and all the other bad things that could jeopardize my health.

Although, I stayed up later than normal, I decided to quit beating myself up and went to bed.

Upon awakening the next morning, I felt very tired and sluggish. I thought it might have been because I stayed up later than usual the night before.

I also began to have a slight headache. I took some Tylenol. But, as the day progressed, the headache became more intense.

During the latter part of the afternoon, around 3pm, I went for another scoop of ice cream.

Again, it was not a scoop, it was another quarter of the tub; another 12 ounces! Now, I have eaten three-quarters of the tub of ice cream within 24 hours!

By the end of the day, I had finished-off the entire tub of ice cream!

Thank goodness! That was two-and-a-half years ago.

Today, I don't give ice cream a second thought. However, every once-in-a-while, I may purchase an individual serving, or make a run to the Dairy Queen.

But I dare not bring a tub of ice cream into the house, ever, again.

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