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If You've Begun Your Holiday Festivities This Week...

Don't be critical of yourself---relax and enjoy the holidays! But, all things in moderation.

If you are traveling, joining family, or celebrating with friends, you can relax, enjoy, and throw caution to the wind, or prepare to continue your healthy lifestyle journey.

If you choose to do the latter, there are some things you can do, which will not dampen your holiday enjoyment.

Preparedness and planning

Since you know there's going to be plenty of food everywhere you turn, eat a small snack or meal before the big event.

Don't forget to control your portion size, and eat mindfully, with intention----also make healthy choices.

Drink plenty of water before the big meal----you may eat less.

If there's a pitch-in, be sure to bring a healthy dish, just in case your dish is the only healthy one.

To prevent grazing, chew gum, or have a mint in your mouth.

Follow through with healthy habits

Join the activities at the event---keep your body moving.

Remember: Alcohol has empty calories---if you drink alcohol, consume 2 glasses of water with every glass of alcohol you drink.

If you graze or have the munchies throughout the event, munch on healthy fruits, veggies, or salads.

Don't let the food be your focus, let the people, conversation, and activities get you up, active, and engaged in the holiday festivities!

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