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It's That Time: Pedicures & Sandals!

Spring is almost here! How to get your feet in shape and have your toes twinkling!

Being cooped-up and bundled all winter, you can finally shed the coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and boots.

Speaking of boots, and now that "spring has almost sprung," you can allow your feet to get some fresh spring air, and make those pedis pretty for the spring and summer once again.

With several options available to show-off your toesies, the basic pedicure is just that, basic and classic, as well. It never goes out of style.

You can go to the nail salon or spa and get a professional pedicure for a small fortune. Or, you can DIY.

The benefits you would miss if you do-it-yourself: being pampered, relaxing, and experiencing an awesome foot massage.
Aside from those luxuries, the benefit of DIY is being in the comfort of your home, putting your feet up, and relaxing, without having to break the mood, once you've had your pedicure.

So, let's get to the pedicure!

Tools and supplies you'll need:

  • Footbath Soak Tub or Foot Spa

  • Towels (2)

  • Pedicure Tools Kit

Or in lieu of a Pedicure Tools Kit, below are the individual tools you can purchase

  • Foot File or Pumice Stone

  • Nail File

  • Cuticle Pusher

  • Orangewood Sticks

  • Toenail Clippers

  • Nippers

  • Nail Buffer

  • Nail Brush

  • Toe Separators (2)

Additional Essential Supplies:

  • Foot Soak (Soap)

  • Foot Scrub

  • Cuticle Oil

  • Nail Polish (your favorite color - optional)

  • Base Coat

  • Top Coat (optional)

  • Foot Cream

  • Cotton Balls

  • Nail Polish Remover

  • Nail Antiseptic

What you will do:

  1. Place large bath or beach towel in the spot you've chosen for your pedicure

  2. Add foot soak into the footbath

  3. Run warm water into the footbath

  4. Place the footbath filled with water near or on the towel (be sure to leave room on the towel for your supplies or place them on a table or stand near your footbath)

  5. Spray your feet with foot antiseptic

  6. File toenails with foot file

  7. Use nail buffer to smooth any rough areas on toenails, ridges or uneven spots on free edges----repeat on other foot

  8. Take a cotton ball and wet with nail polish remover

  9. Swab each toenail with the cotton ball to remove any polish or debris

  10. Place feet into the footbath, and repeat all steps on other foot

  11. Apply foot scrub on one foot and gently rub

  12. Rub heels and any calloused spots on feet to slough-off dead skin with pumice stone or foot file

  13. Place foot back into footbath---repeat step 11on other foot

  14. With both feet in the footbath, scrub them with nail brush

  15. Remove one foot from footbath and push back cuticles with cuticle pusher

  16. Remove any hangnails with nippers (do not cut cuticles)

  17. Use the orangewood stick to remove any waxy film from toenails (this is the actual cuticle)

  18. Repeat steps 13, 14, and 15 on the other foot

  19. With both feet in the footbath, scrub them with nail brush again for a second time.

  20. Remove feet from footbath

  21. Dry feet with second towel

  22. Apply foot cream to feet

  23. Apply cuticle oil to cuticles

  24. Swab toenails with nail polish remover to remove excess oil and lotion from toenails (do not touch skin)

  25. Put toe separators on each foot

  26. Apply base coat

  27. Apply nail polish (optional, unless you want color)

  28. Apply top coat

  29. Repeat remaining steps on other foot

  30. Relax and allow to dry!

Now, show-off your pretty pedi!

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