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Keep Eating to Lose Weight! Say Whaaaat?!

The conventional three meals per day, at least, for me, is a thing of the past. Since I eat all day, I have lost more weight. How, you ask?

Red and green apples with white measuring tape around them
Apples with tape measure around them

My goal to lose weight, initially seemed to be a losing battle (pun not intended).

Although, I knew what to eat, I didn't know how to eat, specifically for weight loss. But, once I discovered the trick to eat frequently, eating only three meals per day were no longer.

I know it seems to be self-defeating when I mention to eat constantly. But here's how it has worked for me.

Eating three meals per day, actually never changed. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will always stay the same.

However, in between those three main meals, hunger always sets in around three hours after breakfast and three hours after lunch. If I eat dinner by 4pm, I'm ready for a snack or a mini-meal—a healthy one, no later than 7pm.

Types of snacks between meals—Visions of cake, ice cream, donuts, candy, sweet drinks, fries, and pizza dance in my head. But, once I refocus, I resort to healthy snack foods.

To make the snacks/mini-meals more appetizing, I make small combo-meals, which may include:

  • Apple slices and a teaspoon of peanut butter—but check your servings—I always attempt to eat less than a full serving of peanut butter, especially if the peanut butter is not natural.

Consider whether you have natural peanut butter or the regular kind. Natural peanut butter is in its simplest form. It only has peanuts as its ingredient.

Regular creamy peanut butter may have sugar, salt, and various oils and additives, which can sabotage the goal of losing weight.

  • Celery or carrot sticks—with a serving of hummus—again, check your label for serving sizes

  • Low-fat cheese and salsa with a whole-wheat tortilla

It's important to keep your mini-meals between100 and 200 calories—never miss a meal and never substitute a mini-meal/snack for a main meal. You will sabotage your meal plan and potentially overeat, which will defeat the purpose of losing weight.

  • Drink Water—maintain the mindset that sugary drinks are a detriment to any(body)—(pun not intended). Water is the ultimate choice.

  • If I choose not to drink water, I'll have 1% milk (low-fat)—it's satiating and rounds out my snack. Sometimes, I'll have 2% (low-fat) or skim milk (non-fat), depending what's available at the supermarket, but never whole milk—it contains fat.

  • A variety of fruits and other veggies, combined with cottage cheese, yogurt, or whole-grain snacks—I've even eaten a small serving of mini wheats (shredded wheat)—an excellent source of fiber.

If your snacks or mini-meals take you outside of healthy boundaries, moderation is key. Keep your eyes on the prize to lose weight.

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