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Keys to a Healthier Lifestyle

A nutrition coach whose mission is to empower people to make small changes and choices to foster a healthier lifestyle

Not only does Trilanda Colbert empower individuals to take control of their lives by coaching them to make healthier food choices, she takes a "holistic approach to health and wellness." She assesses all areas of a person's life to determine how each segment of their life is connected, and the effect each segment may have on how and what a person eats.

Trilanda reviews sleep habits, work-life balance, stressors, overall self-awareness, and works through the process with each client as they set goals to transition into a lifestyle of healthier eating and lifestyle changes.

As a certified integrative nutrition coach, Ms. Colbert offers varied services that will assist individuals in working toward a healthier lifestyle via healthy, natural, clean eating. Her coaching services include:

  • A 6-Month Coaching Program

  • A Detox Program

  • Individual Coaching Sessions

  • Cooking Classes - (options: home visits or virtual)

She also has "Healthy Meals" programs that cover:

  • Individual Meal Prep

  • Family Meals

  • Popular Entrees

  • Sides

  • She also offers catering services

Her desserts include:

  • Vegan Cookies (an assortment of cookie flavors are available, which can be made gluten- and/or sugar-free upon request)

  • Vegan Baked Goods

There is a meal plan for everyone, which she tailors to each individual's nutritional needs. Her coaching sessions are for one hour, and consist of the "Integrative Nutrition Plate," food portion sizes, the importance of "local and organic produce," crowding out unhealthy foods, how to "deconstruct cravings," and she develops an assessment of unique, individual nutritional needs, and so much more.

The Kei2Health website at Kei2Health offers a comprehensive guide of nutritional services offered. Additional information can be obtained by phone: 317.362.3563, or email at: Coaching sessions can also be scheduled online for individuals who reside within the Indianapolis area.


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