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Welcome to Living a Lifestyle for Better Health!

Updated: Jul 19

Hi, I'm Tea--a freelance writer-turned-blogger who has taken a serious, and introspective view of my health and well-being since COVID...Bottom line: I want to live out my natural life without "self-induced" ailments and diseases (this is a phrase I've coined based on my personal experience), or at least reduce the risks.

With that said, I've decided to blog about living a healthier lifestyle, which may reduce the risks of some ailments and diseases by adopting specific scientifically-proven outcomes, making healthy food choices, getting rest, exercise, practicing preventative health, and managing situations in my life that I can control, which may contribute to stress reduction.

I'm not a doctor, or a registered dietitian, nor am I a personal trainer. However, I have been seen and coached by the best in their respective professions, regarding my personal health and well-being. So, I'll share with you my personal journey, as well as general, common-knowledge and tips that have, so far, yielded positive outcomes during my healthy lifestyle progression.

Not one of the positive outcomes I have experienced has come easy--I've had to work at them. In fact, I'm still a work-in-progress.

Too often, and even more than ever, young people (I'm talking 20s and 30s) are meeting their demise from breast cancer, drugs, homicide, heart attacks, diabetes, kidney disease, suicide, and strokes! However, I get it--some ailments can be genetic. But for the ones that are preventable, I feel it is my duty to speak-up.

Speaking of preventable ailments and diseases, I'm passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle, since it has really touched home for me many times over. I've watched nine of my close relatives and significant others succumb to self-induced aliments and diseases before the age of 60:

  • Sister #2 - Age 2 Months | Found Deceased in Parent's Bed = Suffocation (Mom rolled over on her)

  • Maternal Grandmother - Age 57 | Heart Muscle Busted = Heart Attack & Diabetes (poor diet--lots of fatback & salt)

  • Dad - Age 59 | Lung Cancer & Brain Tumor (Heavy smoker of unfiltered cigarettes & Alcoholism)

  • Sister #1 - Age 59 | Deceased on Bathroom Floor with oxygen tank & mask intact (Had several TIAs (mini strokes) when she was alive--poor diet & depression)

  • Maternal Uncle - Age 55 | Found deceased leaning against bathroom wall (Found country-smoked ham in his refrigerator after his demise) | Hypertension & stroke suspected

  • Maternal First Cousin - Age 57 | Lung Cancer (Alcoholism)

  • Significant Other - Age 49 | Liver Disease (Drugs)

  • BFF - Age 52| Suicide (Depression)

  • Ex-Spouse - Age 49| Overdose/Suspected Homicide (Drugs)

Since I have had such devastating and traumatic experiences, while losing a few of my loved-ones to early deaths, the issues below are just a snippet of what I will blog about and discuss.

Lifestyle Discussion Topics

  • The Struggle of Changing Your Mindset About Food and Exercise

  • Hunger as You're Trying to Keep Your Weight in Check

  • You're Over 50--Exercise Can Be Overwhelming and Literally Breathtaking

Even if you think you know everything about living a healthy lifestyle, in reality--you don't. Even I don't know all there is to know about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why it may behoove you to join the discussion, and take this healthy lifestyle journey with me--I look forward to learning a few things from you too!.

C'mon, Join The Discussion

I invite you to come with me on my healthy lifestyle journey by clicking here to "Join The Discussion."

Leave your comments, give feedback, and join the conversation of "Living a Lifestyle for Better Health!" There may be one simple nugget within the conversation that may change your life.


Hi! I'm Arnita Williams (Tea is my pen name).

I'm a Freelance Content Marketing Writer for hire.

I write case studies, white papers, and magazine articles. I'm not afraid to capture the interview to complete any writing project.

Since I've spent my entire career in the healthcare industry, I've acquired an unwavering passion for health, wellness, and living a healthy lifestyle.

I've had hands-on experience as an editor in pharma. I've marketed for a long-term care. My experience in the healthcare industry also includes working in research and development.

With a B.A. in Marketing, healthcare, and my passion for the written word, I felt the next and most logical step was to incorporate my experiences into a blog, not only to share my knowledge, but to sincerely help others.

Feel free to connect with me right here on my blog or on LinkedIn, or click here to "Join The Discussion."

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