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Welcome to Living a Lifestyle for Better Health!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Hi, I'm Tea--a freelance writer-turned-blogger who has taken a serious, and introspective view of my health and well-being since COVID...Bottom line: I want to live out my natural life without "self-induced" ailments and diseases (this is a phrase I've coined based on my personal experience), or at least reduce the risks.

With that said, I've decided to blog about living a healthier lifestyle, which may reduce the risks of some ailments and diseases by adopting specific scientifically-proven outcomes, making healthy food choices, getting rest, exercise, practicing preventative health, and managing situations in my life that I can control, which may contribute to stress reduction.

I'm not a doctor, or a registered dietitian, nor am I a personal trainer. However, I have been seen and coached by the best in their respective professions, regarding my personal health and well-being. So, I'll share with you my personal journey, as well as general, common-knowledge and tips that have, so far, yielded positive outcomes during my healthy lifestyle progression.

Not one of the positive outcomes I have experienced has come easy--I've had to work at them. In fact, I'm still a work-in-progress.

Too often, and even more than ever, young people (I'm talking 20s and 30s) are meeting their demise from breast cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and strokes! However, I get it--some ailments can be genetic. But for the ones that are preventable, I feel it is my duty to speak-up.

Speaking of preventable ailments and diseases, I'm passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle, since it has really touched home for me many times over. I've watched six of my close relatives succumb to self-induced aliments and diseases before the age of 60:

  • Sister #2 - Age 2 Months | Found Deceased in Parent's Bed = Suffocation (Mom rolled over on her)

  • Maternal Grandmother - Age 57 | Heart Muscle Busted = Heart Attack & Diabetes (poor diet--lots of fatback & salt)

  • Dad - Age 59 | Lung Cancer & Brain Tumor (Heavy smoker of unfiltered cigarettes & Alcoholism)

  • Sister #1 - Age 59 | Deceased on Bathroom Floor with oxygen tank & mask intact (Had several TIAs (mini strokes) when she was alive--poor diet & depression)

  • Maternal Uncle - Age 55 | Found deceased leaning against bathroom wall (Found country-smoked ham in his refrigerator after his demise) | Hypertension & stroke suspected

  • Maternal First Cousin - Age 57 | Lung Cancer (Alcoholism)

Since I have had such devastating and traumatic experiences, while losing a few of my loved-ones to early deaths, the issues below are just a snippet of what I will blog about and discuss.

Lifestyle Discussion Topics

  • The Struggle of Changing Your Mindset About Food and Exercise

  • Hunger as You're Trying to Keep Your Weight in Check

  • You're Over 50--Exercise Can Be Overwhelming and Literally Breathtaking

Even if you think you know everything about living a healthy lifestyle, in reality--you don't. Even I don't know all there is to know about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why it may behoove you to join the discussion, and take this healthy lifestyle journey with me--I look forward to learning a few things from you too!.

C'mon, Join The Discussion

I invite you to come with me on my healthy lifestyle journey by clicking the "Join The Discussion" button below.

Leave your comments, give feedback, and join the conversation of "Living a Lifestyle for Better Health!" There may be one simple nugget within the conversation that may change your life.

Click below to join the discussion.

"Living a Lifestyle for Better Health!

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