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Mini-Meals Produce a Mini-Me (or a mini-you in this case)

Eating small, healthy, balanced meals can knock-off the pounds in a big way

You probably have, just as I were told growing-up, that you should eat three balanced meals a day, with a snack after school. Apparently, that was okay, since we're here alive and well today.

However, as adults, especially those of us who are balancing calories-in-and-calories-out, while trying to maintain a healthy weight, have probably heard that it's best to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day.

This is supposed to keep your energy level up, control hunger, manage portion control, and ultimately facilitate weight loss.

Although as the debate continues, it's left up to us to make the choice of what works for us, individually.

If you choose to eat several mini meals throughout the day, here are some suggestions:

  • Set a goal to eat at least three healthy, reduced-calorie meals with a low- or no-calorie beverage, preferably water

  • Select from a variety of food groups of carbs (whole grains, veggies, fruit), protein (lean meat, sea food, beans, nuts, or seeds)

  • Don't forget to include a small amount of fat

  • Time your meals by spacing them at regular intervals

  • Keep track of your food consumption by keeping a food diary

  • Be sure to eat something healthy for breakfast--and eat breakfast early--even if you're not hungry, have some fruit--this will help you maintain your eating schedule

  • Keep some snacks on hand (healthy ones)

  • Don't skip meals

  • Eat a sufficient amount of fiber

  • If you feel hungry in between meals, check your hydration level---you might just need water

  • Remember all things in moderation

Consuming small healthy meal portions throughout the day has several benefits. Portion control, close monitoring of what you eat, caloric control, satiety, healthy food choices, and no missed meals.

This provides a variety and balance of food choices, and a potential for losing weight.

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