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Motivation: An Important Key to Weight-Loss

In order to begin the process of losing weight, having it on your mind is the first step. But being motivated takes the idea of weight-loss to the next level. However, give yourself reasons to become motivated, which will bring you closer to making weight-loss a reality.

We’ve all been there—something we want to do, but not yet put it into action. Thinking about something and putting it in to action are worlds apart. Motivation, or the lack thereof, makes all the difference.

When I have something on my mind that I want or need to do, and delay in taking action, I call it procrastination. But, sometimes, I’m just not motivated. I must have a purpose, a plan, or a reason to gear-up and spring into action.

With that said, and when it comes to weight-loss, think about advantages and disadvantages of losing weight, which instantly motivate me. Some advantages may be to become healthier, flexibility, mobility, or just to have an overall healthy version of yourself.

To get motivated to lose weight, jot down pros and cons. Here’s a simple list to get your started:

Advantages of losing weight Disadvantages of not losing weight

1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.

4. 4.

5. 5.

Perhaps, after reviewing your list of advantages and disadvantages of weight-loss, it’ll be up to YOU to decide if and when motivation kicks-in.

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