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No Matter What Your Ailment, It's Just a Ball of Inflammation!

Inflammation can wreak havoc with your body---The mantra---"You are what you eat" is finally getting through. Various foods, I'm convinced, cause my body to respond with pain.

For years, I craved sugar. I had to have it in my coffee, tea, and chocolate---I couldn't drink any beverage without sugar.

As I got older, I began to feel a constant pain, which felt as if it were in the center of the bone or the marrow in my right femur.

One evening at work, my leg gave out----I practically went down, but I broke my fall. This was during a time when I did shift work so that I could be at home during a specific time to care for my mom.

In order to keep up with work and my schedule in general, I had to fuel my body with snacks filled with sugar. But my body during that time was in so much pain.

After my leg gave out, I went to employee health. The company doctor diagnosed me with osteoarthritis. She prescribed over-the-counter meds.

As time passed, I began to exercise and back off from the sugar. As I decreased my sugar intake, the pain dissipated in my leg. The stiffness was gone. I was able to spring-up from a squat, and my balance had improved. The headaches even stopped.

Over time, I relapsed and increased my sugar consumption again, unfortunately. The pain in my leg returned. The headaches resumed, I felt sluggish. I just had overall joint pain.

While being analytical, I began to wonder if there was any correlation between the pain in my body, my leg, my joints, and the headaches.

Upon doing some research, I discovered a couple of conditions in which my body could be---alkaline or acidic. That's when I learned about my body being inflamed when I would eat sugar. The symptoms I've listed above were a result of my body being inflamed and acidic.

When my body is acidic (eating sugar, and unhealthy), it predisposes my body to pain and chronic diseases. But, making healthier food choices, such as lots of fruits and veggies, my body gets back to its alkaline state, where it should be, and the inflammation subsides.

I'm definitely convinced that, "I am what I eat."

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