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Step It Up A Notch

A simple exercise we do daily, whether we do it to get from one point to the next, or intentionally do it to exercise, that is walking. The difference is the speed at which we walk. This discussion is about the benefits of walking for exercise, when we "step it up a notch."

I never realized the benefit of walking beyond getting to my destination. When I hear the phrase, "get moving," now, I understand that it carries a lot of "weight," or weight-loss as one of its benefits.

There are several benefits to walking, which I'd never given a second-thought---at least, not until I became more health-conscious.

Some of the benefits of aerobic walking, which have made a difference in my health, in addition to losing weight:

  • Stronger heart - it is a muscle, and it needs a workout to pump blood throughout my body to sustain me. If I don't use it, I'll lose it. My heart will become weak.

  • Lowered blood pressure - I've had a history of benign hypertension. At my last doctor's visit, my blood pressure was 122/72. I'm sure my blood pressure increased a few points after hearing the good news! The rate for a healthy blood pressure reading is120/80. I was right in there--in fact, a few points lower. The diastolic (bottom) number is the number which determines the condition of my blood pressure.

  • Mental renewal - when I walk, I have clearer thinking. Some issues I have been able to resolve just by walking--it gives me time to think, and actually clears my mind.

  • Burns calories - as I previously mentioned, I've been losing weight as a result of walking, as long as I burn more calories than I consume.

  • Aerobic workout - not only does walking for exercise keep my heart healthy, my lungs and muscles get a healthy workout too!

  • Good night's sleep - it prepares my body to so I can sleep throughout the night.

  • Increases energy - I haven't experienced that 2pm crash in a while.

  • Reduces fatigue - I have been able to sail through the afternoon, without any slump in my production. I don't crave an afternoon nap.

  • Bone Density - I recently had a bone-density test, which resulted in no bone loss--I contribute my results to aerobic walking.

As you can see, this is a subjective assessment of what aerobic walking does for me. However, these are also basic outcomes that science has also proved.

As an older adult over 50, aerobic walking also helps me maintain my balance, "oils" my joints, keeps osteoarthritis at bay, and gives me hope to live a natural healthy life of longevity.

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