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The "Boredom Trap" Can Sabotage Your Health, Which Can Lead to Overeating

What you can do to ward-off the culprit and stay on-course to a healthy lifestyle

We've all been there.


Growing-up I would always hear the elders say, "Keep busy. Go do something. An idle mind is the devil's workshop."

When I became an adult, I began to realize the truth to those words of wisdom and their relevance today.

When we are not doing anything, but sitting idle, we can experience wandering minds, and think of doing things that might not be in our best interest, or imagine things that may inspire us to great heights.

However, when boredom influences us to adopt behaviors that compromise our health, particularly, overeating, it's critical that we find ways to stop the "mindless" behavior.

It's seldom that I become bored--I have too much to do. My hobbies and passions keep me occupied more than I'd like.

But, when I do take the time to do nothing, especially when I'm watching TV, just sitting idle, I have a tendency to search for snacks and unhealthy things I'd love to eat. I will even go back for seconds and thirds of a particular food--I'm fallible too!

When I finally "wake-up" and return to the world of consciousness, there are things I do to stop sabotaging my health.

Healthy things I do to beat boredom and stop overeating

In order to stop the mindless eating, and overeating, while watching TV, I'll engage in the program, or find an interesting program to watch; that way, I don't have the TV on just for company. I'm actively listening, analyzing, and seeking the plot. This prevents my mind from wandering. Usually, I've forgotten about eating, realizing I was not even hungry in the first place!

If I choose to snack during TV-watching (only after I've eaten my meal), I choose healthy snacks: carrot sticks, blueberries, string cheese, walnuts, almonds, popcorn, or healthy foods I can grab-n-go, along with good, cold iced water.

These must also be eaten in moderation, as the calories can add-up quickly. Read the label. I really like it when the label says two pieces of a particular food is equivalent to one serving--as in the old Lay's potato chip ad: "Betcha can't eat just one." You see, I have a problem eating one of anything.

However, if you're not watching TV, idling with nothing to do, and you have food on your mind, consider these tips:

  • Start moving

  • Do something around the house--vacuum, mop, clean something

  • If you have a dog, walk it

  • Do a five-minute exercise

  • Dance to your favorite song

  • Do anything to get yourself moving

  • TV watching? Do an exercise during the length of the commercial break.

  • Expand your mind

  • Learn something new

  • Research an interest you've considered taking-up as a hobby

  • Volunteer for a cause which is unfamiliar

  • Learn biblical scriptures

  • Engage your mind

  • Pull that good book from the shelf you've been wanting to read--begin reading it.

  • Do puzzles, games, or color---the adult coloring books are awesome

  • Read the Bible--read a parable from the Old or New Testament--these are great stories

These tips will keep you from sabotaging your health. Get creative. Think of additional ways to stop overeating when you're bored.

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