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The Sandwich

We've all had one----and may even have a favorite one! But, what about the homemade sandwich that you love to create, just as you like it? Is it healthy? Are you eating with without guilt? Let's discuss how to build a sandwich you'll enjoy without shame, and one that is most beneficial for your health.

Just about every restaurant has a sandwich----hamburgers, cheeseburgers, gyros, sliders, submarines, po'boys (hoagies), hotdogs, seafood, roast beef, chicken, ham, grilled cheese, tuna, chicken salad sandwiches, and many I haven't named.

But there's the homemade sandwich that is the best----the one you customize with your own brand of bread, cheese, sauce, and condiments, which may not be the healthiest----but, for sure, it's the tastiest.

A sandwich can begin as the healthiest, but end-up being the worst for your health. This brings me to the point of the "healthier sandwich," and specifically, how to build one.

GMA had a segment on this morning about how to build a healthier sandwich. It was very interesting, because it's easy, it's simple, and it's about creating sandwiches with basic ingredients most of us generally have in our fridge anyway.

The painful part of creating a sandwich that would be most beneficial for your health, is omitting the ingredients that don't facilitate the best nourishment for your body----the "guilty pleasures" that make the sandwich taste soooooo good!

The Healthy Sandwich

First let's start with the bread. You want to choose whole grain bread with 2 grams or less of total sugars. If there are any added sugars, they should be included in total amount of sugars. The goal is zero added sugars, not just in bread, but in all foods, if possible.

Protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals are the main benefits from whole grain bread. According to Dr. Darien Sutton, MD, a GMA Medical Correspondent, "it has a good source of antioxidants, and lowers LDL "bad cholesterol"."

Next, add your meat, but instead of deli-processed meat, add chicken, which can be baked, broiled, or rotisserie chicken. It will keep you fuller longer.

Then, add cheese. Mozzarella, a great source of probiotics for your gut health or Swiss cheese is best, as opposed to American cheese.

Lastly, add hummus. It doesn't replace mayonnaise, but "it gives you the texture, plant-based protein, and fiber with less calories," according to Dr. Sutton.

As always recommended, read food labels. If you must have condiments, shop for ones with the least amount of sodium and added sugar.

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