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What Do Poop and Water Have in Common?

Updated: Jul 22

As you know, our bodies consist of at least 60 percent water. Without water, it would be impossible for us to survive----we can survive longer without food than water. But what role does water play in conjunction with poop as it relates to our body function?

In tandem, water and poop help our digestive system flow in a healthy manner. Water helps toxins and waste (poop) move through and out of our intestines.

What happens when your body needs to rid itself of poop and you don't expel the poop when your body sends you the signal to do "Number 2?"

When poop sits in your intestine, toxins can build up, which not only can become impacted and cause constipation, but it may put you at risk for bloody stools, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and colon cancer.

When you hold your poop, the large intestine will absorb the water that originally accompanies the poop to facilitate a smooth flow from your body, and your poop literally dries out and becomes hard lumps.

Water is essential in every aspect of our life and the foundation to sustain our bodies---even when we poop.


Hi! I'm Arnita Williams (Tea is my pen name).

I'm a Freelance Content Marketing Writer for hire.

I write case studies, white papers, and magazine articles. I'm not afraid to capture the interview to complete any writing project.

Since I've spent my entire career in the healthcare industry, I've acquired an unwavering passion for health, wellness, and living a healthy lifestyle.

I've had hands-on experience as an editor in pharma. I've marketed for a long-term care. My experience in the healthcare industry also includes working in research and development.

With a B.A. in Marketing, healthcare, and my passion for the written word, I felt the next and most logical step was to incorporate my experiences into a blog, not only to share my knowledge, but to sincerely help others.

Feel free to connect with me right here on my blog or on LinkedIn.

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