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What is Considered Exercise?

Exercise is not only a regimented aerobic or strength-training program that takes place in a gym or fitness center---daily activities done outside or around the house also count as exercise----without the need for a personal trainer or fitness instructor.

I use to think I had to be in the gym or a fitness center to get my daily exercise. However, out of necessity, I discovered that was not the case.

When I could not make it to the gym for various reasons: being too exhausted in the evening after work, too early in the morning to get to work on time, taking care of my family either in the morning, evening, or both, or just "not feelin'" the gym at all, I began to take a different approach to accomplish my fitness goals.

I had been working-out for quite sometime, and my brain would crave it. But when I could not make it to the gym, I knew enough fitness basics and began to improvise.

At work, I would run up six flights of stairs on days I did not exercise in the morning before work----I would make a couple of trips. Although I ran down the stairs to make my second trip up the six flights, I knew running down the stairs didn't do much in the way of exercise. However, it did account for me being up and moving.

I would also take the stairs in lieu of the elevator or escalator, depending on the building structure, if it had at least two stories.

As much as I dreaded it, I would park at a farther distance than necessary and walk to the the building, which also accounted for the equal distance that I had to walk to return to my car.

On days when I did yard work, I could always look forward to pushing the lawnmower. I would always work up a sweat, my heart rate increased, my lungs were also getting a good workout, as well as my legs from all of the walking.

Around the house, I would turn on the music and dance, and clean house. It has always been tough for me to clean house without music.

I really got a workout when I vacuumed, dusted, reached to dust two ceiling fans, or to clean two bath tubs, sweep and mop. An hour-and-a-half of that, and I had my workout for the day.

But in addition to some activities I have mentioned, what else counts as exercise?

First, what are parameters that constitute exercise?

Just getting out of your seat is a first step, but not quite counts as exercise----you have to do a few things to get started:

  • It always helps when you dress in comfortable, non-binding clothes

  • Don walking, hiking, or running shoes

  • Hydrate----drink plenty of water before you start

  • Keep in mind that you must keep your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes

  • Or, if you're just beginning to exercise, 10 minutes, three times per day is fine

So, now with the parameters out of the way, what types of activities are considered exercise?

  • Walking outside---the park is a great place to walk, and safer the on the roadway or sidewalks with passing vehicles

  • Dancing---I really enjoy when I turn on the music I grew-up on during my teen years

  • Housecleaning

  • Vacuuming

  • Lawnmowing

  • Yoga

  • Hiking

  • Online workout---YouTube is great----this is my favorite----I workout to a specific channel daily

Although as I mentioned earlier, I discovered some of these exercise activities out of necessity, I must give credit to Permanente Medicine Medical Group.

Whatever you exercise you choose, or if you decide to "mix and match" exercises, be sure to keep going for at least 30 minutes every day for at least five days per week.

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