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Why Not a Sweet Beverage?

Water and milk seem to be the only alternatives---healthy ones, at that. But, how can you get a swig of sweetness without "drinking-on the calories?"

Yes, water is the first and main choice, which you can flavor with fruit, or add a little juice to plain sparkling water.

There are flavored powders you can add to carbonated or plain tap water.

Or beverages with artificial sweeteners.

And, in moderation why not have the beverage of your choice from time-to-time.

Ways to offset the calories from your favorite sweet beverages

  • Drink water first---you'll drink less of your favorite beverage---hence, fewer calories.

  • At dinner outings----order water with meals.

  • Low-calorie drinks and water are always good with meals when having dinner at home.

  • Don't stock your fridge with sweet beverages----always have ready access to water, instead.

  • Carry your water bottle with you throughout the day.

  • If you must drink a sweet beverage, go for a smaller size, cup, can, or glass, instead of the large or supersize.

  • For large sweet beverages, if you must drink, go for beverages with zero calories.

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