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Solace, Pleasure, and Privacy of Working-From-Home

Updated: Apr 7

Although working-from-home is nothing new. Since the advent of the internet and technological advancements, it has become widespread and normalized, with the mandate of social distancing due to COVID-19. But, there's another benefit, it can become a "stress-buster," which can contribute to longevity.

Since the coronavirus has forced a segment of the labor force to work from home, rather than lay-off workers or temporarily shut down, instead of returning to their brick-and-mortar offices, some employers adopted the business model as the norm.

There are pros to working-from-home, which can benefit both the employee as well as the employer.

During the coronavirus isolation period, businessowners and corporations had a few weeks to assess the work-from-home arrangement. It was an opportune time to get feedback from employees, as well.

However, from the employer’s perspective, meeting virtually or via teleconference eliminated the overhead of a lease and maintenance. The elimination of, and the need to cover the cost of employee parking were bonuses and less hassle.

But, what about employees?

The elimination of the drive and negotiating rush-hour traffic have been huge perks. There's also reduced expense of gas. A decrease in mileage and wear-and-tear on vehicles, which in-turn may result in decreased auto insurance premiums----both huge benefits to the household budget. Not having to dress for work or fully dress, are now options. These are all perks for employees. A reduction in childcare expenses is a large financial burden lifted.

But, the one thing that would have a lifetime impact by working from home is the elimination of stress-----the stress of preparing for work, the stress of traveling to work, the stress of getting kids ready for the day, the stress of leaving the kids with strangers, the stress of covering the expenses of working outside the home, etc...stress...stress...stress.

Just via my personal experience, I've been home since Covid hit, and I feel as if years have been added to my life.

I didn't realize how much stress I had been burdened with year-after-year, during the time I had been reporting to the office. Also, I speak with one of my ex-co-workers from time-to-time, and they said the same thing, the stress-load became non-existent (paraphrased) after they no longer worked outside the home.

Being stress-free (at least being free of the stress within my control) has benefited me in ways I never imagined.

My short list of benefits of living a stress-free life:

  • I feel lighter.

  • I have more energy.

  • I'm motivated.

  • I have purpose.

  • I enjoy being at home.

  • I can nurture myself.

  • I eat healthier.

  • I have time for myself ("me" time).

  • I rest more.

  • I have more time to thoroughly clean my house.

  • I feel younger.

  • I'm not aging as fast (the scowl is gone).

  • My blood pressure is under control.

  • I can "hear" my body.

  • I'm healthier.

  • I have better sleep quality.

  • I'm more organized.

  • I'm able to manage calendar.

  • I'm focused.

  • I exercise consistently.

  • I can live my passions of writing and leathercrafting.

  • I have solace.

  • I have privacy.

This is not an inclusive list, but these are benefits I've experienced by living a stress-free life that I can feel, see, and "hear." These benefits can also contribute to longevity, which I strive for each and everyday.

At this time in my life, I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to work from home!

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